the misanthropic hope

added by the Emorej, LLC Staff on March.1.2010

  Welcome to one of the Internet's first totally free and online literary experiences (and you do not need an Ipad, Kindle or Nook!) Our goal is provide you with an unique online experience that meshes the best of traditional scifi and fantasy fiction, comic books, anime, and urban music. Throughout The Obsidian Chronicles: the misanthropic hope, or TOC-tmh for short, you will find not just good old fashion story telling, but story enhancing music, images, video and animation.

  Right now, there are over a dozen chapters of TOC-tmh availible online, and several "Theology" entries. The chapters are meant to be read sequentially, however, the Theology entries can be read in any order, although we do recommend that you read the "Unthink Principle" and the "Fallen" entries before you get too far into the story in order to understand the basic rules that govern the TOC-tmh omniverse.

  Next, in the "Media" section you will find a compilation of the various images and music from the website, all presented in our "Emotive Picture and Video Gallery" - which is our attempt to provide you with a different type of audio-visual experience apart from traditional animation. Next, there is our "Lexicon" section which essentially supplements the Theology entries, by providing additional information about topics unique to the TOC-tmh omniverse.

  Lastly, we have the "Comments" section where we want YOU to tell us what you think about the site. We are trying something different here, and we really need your help to make a better website. So please, before you leave the site, take a second and leave us a comment (or email us), it is all anonymous, and we are all pretty thick skinned here at EMOREJ, LLC -- so we will not take offense to any comment.

  And as our antihero would say, "May you find that which you seek most."

  So let's get this thing started with this week's musical selection from SWAMPHOUSE BEATS.


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