A Future Revisited

  The High Demon Lord Antares then actually cringed, but continued to emote,  “Nonetheless, you are not ready to hear the remainder of that tale. But I must admit that you never cease to amaze me, whenever or wherever I may encounter you." I chuckled in response, "But I would never attack the First Elder, under any circumstances." And Antares chuckled back, "Perhaps not this you, but maybe another.

   Indeed, I recall meeting you …

  Why I ever even became a lawyer is a total mystery to me. But I guess my Messiah Complex compelled me to try to "save" people, even though I hated everything about our legal system - especially at times like this.  

  Instead of just sentencing my client to whatever sentence the federal sentencing guidelines required, this silly old white judge was busy grandstanding from the bench.  "Like all illegals, you are a menace." blah, blah, blah.  Hypocrite, my inner voice told me, as my mind's eye briefly flashed an image of the judge sniffing cocaine off of a stripper's belly.  Funny, how time and time again, these are the kind of people "blessed" with power and influence in our world.  I sighed and pulled out my phone to check my email.  

  As expected, there was nothing to ease my boredom, but at the bottom of the page sat a rather strange message, with no subject and an empty FROM line.  The body of the message simply said "Magnus, contact me". Yet, the real kicker was that the email came to one of my secret email accounts that no one knew belonged to me.

  Huh. Only three people in the world ever knew the true owner of that triple blind email address. And two of them are dead.

  The First Elder’s message seemed unusually urgent, and that made me nervous because I could imagine no event or occurence that would so "agitate" the First Elder. The man was nothing short of a rock, in every sense of the word. For him to contact me with a sense of urgency -- I had to leave, and like an hour ago. Unfortunately, the judge was still babbling; something about he would never do this or that. Sack of shit. My inner voice told me that he was also sleeping with that stripper. People.

  But the bastard kept talking. As if anyone were listening, other than him. I cleared my throat to interupt him. He got the message and as soon as that old windbag unjustifiably sentenced my client to the high end of the guidelines, and secured a place for himself in the hellfire, I immediately jumped up, hugged my client, who was crying like a little bitch by the way, and said my good byes.  

  Drug dealers.  He was as much a piece of shit as the judge, but he didn't deserve the judge's ridiculous sentence or ridiculous diatribe.  Not my business though, I thought, as I rushed through my post conviction speech to the family, and literally, ran out of the courtroom. The elevators in the federal courthouse were slow, as usual, with all the staff attorneys, clerks, receptionists, and paralegals milling around and yakking about this or that. 

  Bureaucrats. I hated them too. To the one, they were all both lazy and ambitious at the same time, content to climb to the top of a very short ladder, one painstaking rung at a time over the course of lifetime. And clearly, I didn't have the patience to handle an elevator ride with them.


  So, I spun on my heels, and ran toward the stairwell. Twenty two flights of stairs were no small feat, even for me, but I had to get to a secure location quickly so as to respond to the First Elder. I reached out to grab the door handle for the stairwell just as a group of firefighters prepared to come out.  Apparently, the elevators were slow for other reasons, I realized as the door swung open violently – catching me squarely in the forehead.  I crumpled into a neat little pile on the floor, knocked out cold. When I next looked up, I was on the dreamscape.

  Yeah, yeah, I know, "jedi" don’t get knocked out by door handles. Fuck you, shit happens.

  As I slowly tried to get up, without much luck I might add, I suddenly felt a lot of beings materialise in my immediate vicinity. Great, I was in no mood to fight, as it seemed that that was all I ever did on the dreamscape. Maybe these guys want to talk. I got my answer when the butt of a platinum staff suddenly crushed my throat -- suggesting that my wish had been partially granted, i.e., they would do all the talking and I all the listening.

  However, as my blurred vision began to clear, I looked closely at the owner of the staff and recognized him. It was the First Elder, but he was not the old, little rabbi whom I so loved and cherished, the First Elder was in full battle gear -- staff, robe, fleshless head, and all. For lack of a better way to say it, his astral form was pretty creepy for a little old Jewish guy.

  "Forgive me, Champion. I did not recognize your current form, but that is my fault, for it has been too long since I have looked upon you with my own eyes." And stare intently at me, the First Elder did.

  "You are powerful, Champion, far more so than we anticipated. Thus, when I sensed your arrival, I assumed the worse and came prepared, but it seemed that Fate has summoned us here for good news."

  A smile spreading across his face, the First Elder poked his staff at the bump on my forehead. "I see you got my message, but to get here so fast. I did not expect you to come all this way so fast. I am guessing the bump on your head hastened your journey to us."

  I took the First Elder's extended hand and pulled myself up. And I glanced around. The First Elder apparently did misread my appearance as he had no fewer than three hundred warriors with him, and they were all elite -- powerful and old -- something must really be up. "It's a long story First Elder, filled with many unintended consequences." The First Elder smiled again. "I am sure, Champion. But pleasantries aside, I fear that we have a significant problem that requires your unique skills."

  "We?!?!" My brow furrowed, and my countenance darkened. The First Elder did not speak french, nor use the 1st person plural very often. "First Elder please - I owe you an unsatisfiable debt, there is nothing that you could not ask of me for yourself or your people. But from your demeanor, I can only assume that the Zion is in grave danger."

  The First Elder chuckled, "Perhaps the Council is right, and you are too perceptive, Champion. But this time, you are correct, the Zion has gotten himself and his personal guard into a bit of trouble."

  I let that Sanhedrin Council remark slide, and pressed onward to get where we needed to get. "First Elder, just tell me where they are, and I will take care of it."

  Never one to mince words, the First Elder sighed and calmly stated, "It appears that the Zion has found and engaged a Fallen One."

  If I could have, I would have passed out again.

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