The Arrogance of Humanity

  Throughout the course of my travels, I have come to the sad conclusion that The Satan is correct, humanity, because of its incredible arrogance and foolishness, is simply unworthy of the Creator’s affection or gifts – including free will, and to the extent it is real, unlimited mercy and grace.

  Of all the things that I have to tell you, this will, by far, be the most difficult for you to accept, but as often is the case, this is one of the indisputable hallmarks of truth. You, nor I, are not particularly important in the grand scheme of things. I am not. You are not. The guy next to you isn’t either, although humans vehemently insist otherwise. However, most of our thoughts and ideals rest upon that very simple premise, that we matter.

  What do I mean? Well, for starters, humanity is but one of an infinite number of finite races of beings. The Creator apparently made many finite beings of different shapes, forms and types. Some finite beings live for thousands of our years. Others live for but a fraction of a second. The universe that we inhabit, which is but one of an infinite number of universes fashioned by the Creator, is for the most part, inaccessible by humankind. We can not see it all, nor experience it all. Our universe is almost 12 billion years old, give or take, and our planet is about 4 billion years old. Human civilization is, using the most forgiving definition of "civilization", at most 40,000 years old. I know, I know, poor thing, you think that the earth was created in 7 days? about 6000 years ago? Well, the Creator did make the world, but He did not specifically make our world. The omniverse is a self perpetuating system of causes and events and forces that the Creator beautifully wove into a single united tapestry of existence, guided by the Creator’s will as manifested in the mathematics and physics that define and regulate existence.

  Second, you are but one variant of "you". There are an infinite number of each of us. All acting, all living, all choosing. Indeed, one of the stages of evolution for a soul is the unification of choice across time -- but we will get to this later. Sufice it to say, the other reason why you do not really matter is the sheer scope and size of the omniverse, and the Creator. Indeed, one of the more amusing chapters of the world's major religions, including Christianity, Islam and Judaism, is that the Creator fashioned humanity in his own image. What a joke! In all of creation, humanity is the crown jewel of creation? A bold statement from a being unaware of the overwhelming majority of the competition for that prize. Indeed, it can barely be argued that humanity is the most beautiful and perfect of creatures on earth, let alone the galaxy, our universe, or the infinte number of dimensions created by our choices.

  In fact, the true import of the allegation that the Creator made us in His image is really that He is in our image, as obviously, humanity must be the greatest being in all of creation.

  The funny thing about the Darwinism version creationist debate is that both parties assume that their perspective on creation is exclusive, when in reality both are true. Did the Creator make man? Of course He did. But how would you explain complex biochemistry and physics to the savages who wrote the Bible or the Koran or any other religious text. To this day, humankind struggles to understand the simplest aspects of creation. After over 40,000 years of careful thought and consideration, the best we can come up with is that there was an inexplicable explosion or bang, from which all matter and energy emanated. But nothing of that makes sense to a desert dweller of 5000 years ago. So if you wanted to convey any sort of understanding to such a person, you would have to speak metaphorically, and that is what the various Fallen and other alien species throughout our history have done for us. The trick is to convey complex and harsh truth in a form that most finite beings will accept.

  So first, and foremost, you must understand that the omniverse is not about you, it is all about Him. By design, you are just another aspect of creation, here solely for the Creator’s pleasure. Yes, the Creator loves you, but He is not in love with you. In fact, you are not even a significant portion of creation, as all of humanity has only been in existence for a small fraction of the universe’s life (about 1/30000 of it). Moreover, the universe alone is so large, that but for obtaining a fundamental understanding of the Creator’s design, we are, by design, incapable of seeing or exploring most of the universe, let alone the entirety of creation.

  But more important than accepting that you do not matter, you have to see it in the design of the omniverse, although everything inside of you demands that these things not be true.

  And here is another sad tidbit for you. The Creator does not need you. He was not searching for you. You do not complete Him. He is not bound to you by His love of you. He is not sacrificing his "family" to save you. And the unfortunate flipside of that fact is that you desperately need Him.

  At the core of most of humanity’s religions, is the idea that the “gods”, despite their infinite power and life, somehow need humanity. The Greek and Roman gods needed the worship of humans to survive. Our belief actually fueled them and gave them life. The Creator does not need you. And in all candor, I cannot even say with any certainty that your creation was a necessary consequence of creation –i.e., the Creator specifically “created” humanity. Indeed, more likely than not, we may be merely be a consequence, albeit intended, of an elaborate and beautifully designed stochastic process.

  I know, I know, blasphemy. The Bible says, the Koran says, this book says, the Buddha says, and so forth and so on. Do you know what all of these “authority sources” have in common? Their utter lack of true authority as unveiled by their need for certainty. Every notice how no religious text ever says, gee, we don’t know the answer to that? Do you know why? Because uncertainty is no good for self esteem, for ego, for arrogance, for vanity. You cannot just hope that the Creator loves you. You have to be sure that He made all of creation just for you.

  Laughable. Utterly laughable.

  Imagine the most magnificent being of all marveling at the beauty of His omniverse, of which our universe is but an infinitesimal part. As He moved through our universe, He notices a group of sheep fucking, desert dwelling nomads in a small desolate region of our small, insignificant world on the far edge of the universe, and so amazed is He at the beauty and attractiveness of these people, that He, lord and master of all things, feels compelled to reveal Himself to these particular humans, although none before them, in the previous 32,000 years of human history, appealled to Him in the least. In fact, so enamored is He with these people, that He chooses to bind Himself to them and all of their progeny in an unbreakable covenant, that all of humanity since has desperately tried to obtain for themselves.

  However, shortly thereafter, the Creator decides that He made a mistake, and that to redeem all of humanity, His covenant should be extended to all humans, even though not of the original covenant makers. Lastly, another group of humans claims that shortly after that, the Creator came back again to fix some misconceptions from His first two revelations and that this final version is now the correct version of the covenant to be extended to all of mankind. Sound familar? This is the anecdotal form of the foundations of the major religions of the world today, Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

  Or another personal favorite of mine is that there is really a pantheon of celestial beings, with a single supreme being. Yet surprisingly, these divine beings are not very imaginative, and look like DNA spliced freaks, with elephant heads, monkey arms, and lots of extra body parts. Or best of all, there are those that even bother to argue that the Creator is a woman instead of a man, as if the Creator would be bound by silly biological and reproductive constructs.

  The horrific truth of the matter is that all we know, or even the demons, angels and infinite number of finite and infinite beings know, is that the Creator is out there somewhere, but no one knows much about Him. Well, actually Oral Roberts knows Him pretty well, as the Creator told him to raise a billion dollars or he would die. Funny thing was, that last part was going to happen regardless. In any event, the first step in evolving as a Champion is to accept the futility of your existence. But not in a "what difference does it make" manner, like some silly suicidal teenager.

  The larger point here is that you should not need to know anything for certain beyond the fact that the Creator exists and you exist for His pleasure. The other details are, for the most part, irrelevant. Or more aptly, uncertainty is okay. Seek the Creator in the brief time that you are given. And perhaps, if you are lucky, He may permit you to see His face. All else is sheer folly and speculation. Depressing?! No. I have found a strange comfort in this fact. I hated Antares when he admitted to knowing no more about the Creator than I did. Surely, I argued, some of the Fallen know more? Or perhaps one of the Heavenly Host? No. Even they are simply compelled to do this or do that.

  Oddly uplifting this, once you accept that you are no more important than a dog or a cat. Simplifying even, in that all you are here to do is to seek His face. Seek His pleasure. How? No one knows. Live, and do what your path permits you to do. Do your best and seek Him always. Gabriel does not know why he sings, other than to please the Creator. Satan does not know why he wants the Creator’s love and attention so badly. Accordingly, do you really need to know the Creator’s name? Live. Love. Hate. Hope. Lust. Want. Laugh. Cry. Pray. Marvel at the Creator’s omniverse and its infinite mysteries. Find your peace, and then die. This is all you can do, for the most part, and so, obviously it must be what you were intended to do it. The Creator simply is, and you are simply His to do with as He pleases. Worship Him and seek Him.

  And lastly, get over yourself.

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