Better to Lose III

  And so it had come to this. Even the sky cried, as old friends became mortal enemies. I paused to again hear the wind and rain in my ears. However, despite my best efforts, I cannot hear them any more, I only feel the Polynesian's hatred as he charges me. He wastes no time either, uttering "Rain of Fire", and he literally sets fire to the rain.

  I scream. The pain is utterly unbelievable. Unlike on the dreamscape, in the real world, the physical body's natural defense mechanisms are a little harder to resist. My mind clouds with distress, as flame consumes my clothing, and pain inhibits my ability to think. All I want to do is run away. To stop the pain. The Zion is coming. I know he is. The fire, the fire is just a distraction. I must bring Wrath and Justice into the real world. I let the flames continue to lick my flesh, and focus the pain inward, deeper and deeper, to the place where only the will remains. Chrysalis is coming too. This is just a distraction. Must focus. My sanity and my clothes were being devoured by the rain of fire! I must take control. Remember who I am. Today, today was my day. It was my time now.

  Then, clarity. Beautiful, serene clarity. I relax, and stop screaming. And the air around me waivers ever so slightly as Wrath and Justice slip through the barrier between the dreamscape and the real world. Amazing. Even I doubted that I could do that. I laughed, and that laughter turned into a sinister sneer.

  My turn bitches.

  Wrath and Justice immediately merge with me, and with my psychic symbiotes assuming physical form, I was finally able to fight, in earnest, in the real world. "Armor of Pain", I whisper, and the burning is replaced by a sharp, intense prick, and then, just a dull throbbing. Christ, this shit hurt in the real world. But at least I could think again. I look up, and the Polynesian is almost on top of me, eyes ablaze, preparing to spew elemental fire upon me.

  I did not have much time. And I was also pretty sure that the second I tried to dodge the Polynesian's attack, Chrysalis and the Zion would have attacks waiting for me. Shit. No option but to take this in the face. The thought made wince, my Armour of Pain was holding but barely, as it seemed that Wrath and Justice were also struggling to adapt to the parameters of the real world. And the Polynesian was at least twice as powerful as the Zion and Chrysalis combined. Indeed, the only benefit to eating his attack is that I at least knew where the Polynesian's attack was coming from.

  Moreover, I needed to even the odds here. Three on one was not impossible to manage, especially since I knew that I had to kill all three, but I was still not quite committed to the idea of killing them all. I still harbored the faint hope that they would just give up and accept the situation. But for that to happen, I would need to demonstrate the futility of battle. I would have to use a power that none of them had seen before. A power that demonstrated my mastery of gravity, and the supremacy of my will.

  I guess that I have no choice, "Gravimetric Pulse", I mouth, and focus all of my chi in the area around me. I knew that the Higgs Boson particle was real, I knew that the Higgs field interacted with the particle to create mass. And I knew that mass meant that I could attract the mass in my vicinity. But more than that, it meant that I could warp space. Unfortunately, no one knew how that worked exactly, but with CERN discvoering the "god" particle, I knew that it could be done. I just needed to will it.

  But to do the pulse, to disrupt the Higgs Filed around me, I need to not attract, and by not attracting, unmass everything around me, and thereby disrupt every other force that held space time together around us. The effect would, in theory, briefly stop everything around me, like pressing the pause button on a stop watch.

  While Temporal Disruption also altered time, the process was just a crude tearing of space time caused by multiple black holes with overlapping event horizons. This was different. Very different. This was a controlled disruption, a specific manipulation of time space. I think as hard as I can STOP.

  There is a bright flash of light, and suddenly I see the Zion standing behind me. The Polynesian is still in front of me. And Chrysalis is immediately to my left. I do not recognize her form. It is apparently a new one. Hmm. I am guessing if I caught that spear in the gut, it would really hurt. And I am guessing that Kip was masking her approach. Huh, not bad. Not bad at all. And it might have worked too, if I hadn't learned what I had .

  The look of terror on the Zion's face was palpable. The graviton pulse passed, and the effect stopped. Everyone fell to ground in utter exhaustion. "What was that?! What did you do?" The Zion and Chrysalis were unable to even form words. The Polynesian's eyes raced back and forth as he struggled to understand what had just happened.

  "You just stopped everything. My powers. My flames. Kip's space folding. Chrysalis's light speed charge. However, you didn't stop time. You, you like turned off gravity. That was a gravimetric disturbance of some kind. Impossible. The Higgs Boson particle means nothing to gravity. Why? How?"

  I laughed. "I just changed the course of human history."

  The Zion recovered first, and waving his hands, revealed the Ark of the Covenant. "Chrysalis, it didn't work, you must do it. It is the only way." Chrysalis screamed. "I will not Kip! I will not do this!"

  "You have no choice."

  At first, I thought that Kip intended to use the power of the Ark. But Antares had nullified that power during our previous encounter with the Sanhedrin. So that couldn't be it. Curious, I began to circle the Ark. Chrysalis roared again, and matched my movements, always keeping herself between me and the Ark. Whatever was in there, she did not intend for me to see it. Well, that's just too bad.

  I rushed her, and she moved with greater speed and ferocity than I had ever seen her muster. I fly across the field like a rag doll. Crawling slowly back to my feet, I wince in pain, she had shatter the Armor of Pain in several places. Chrysalis should not have been able to do that. I looked back at her, and she stood franticly in front of the Ark. Almost as if she were defending it.

  "Chrysalis. Stop this. You cannot defeat me. It is over. I will see what is in the Ark." I take a step. The Zion and the Polynesian do nothing to stop me. In fact, they slowly back away. Apparently, this was not a part of the plan.

  "Kip! You lied to me. You promised that it would not come to this. You promised!" Chrysalis screamed again. "He cannot open the Ark. I will not allow it." And then, Chrysalis changed. The caterpillar had entered into a cocoon, and had finally emerged a butterfly -- a viscious, horrible, blood curdling, and frightening butterfly. But a butterfly nonetheless.

  And for the first time in a long time, I was stumped and pretty much scared shitless.

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