Don't Ask Me That IV

  My eyes really hurt. As if they had been closed far longer than a normal night's sleep. But it was the intense heat on my face jarred me back to consciousness. I blinked the sleep out of my eyes, only to have my vision blur again as the sun's rays bounced merciless off the great desert surrounding Masada. It appears that I had somehow been taken from the First Elder's bed chamber, to the middle of the Israeli desert.

  Awwww fuckkkkkkkkk... What the hell?!?

 I reluctantly sat up to assess the situation, and as I did, I heard a loud jingling when a pair of keys fell into my lap. I picked the kids up and looked around. Ahhhh, a motorcycle stood on a kickstand about 7 yards away. Okay. At least they didnt just abandon me.

  Now what?!?! I fell back, and just lay there for awhile. Too much going on. I just wanted to sleep, and maybe, maybe this was all just a bad, bad dream. And on top of everything else, my right palm suddenly started itching. Shit. What the fuck is it now?! And then I got my answer.

  "Get your lazy ass up. Before I pump a couple rounds in." Chrysalis. I ran my hand on the ground beside me, she had a gun, but I could unthink the shot, if I only had something to attack with ... a rock, anything better than the ole sand in the eye trick.

  Two shots landed next to my hand. "Dont even think about. The next two wont miss. And believe me, but for the orders that I received from the First Elder, you would already be dead. And dont think for a SECOND that I forgot what you did yesterday." I glared at this woman, and made sure that my face hid nothing. And with a quickness that I do not recall her having in the real world, Chrysalis caught me with vicious backhand. I reached up to wipe the blood from my nose. She grabbed my hand and threw me back on the ground, driving her knee into my chest and her 1911 into my temple. "And the next time you disrespect me, I will shoot you. I cant kill you or do anything to affect your fighting ability, but I can inflict a temporary wound that really, really hurts. So please, please try me Magnus. Do we understand each other?" I nodded.

  "Good. Now get the fuck up and let's ride. I want to get to the Jordanian border before nightfall. Our flight to Geneva is in 24 hours." I didnt like this, but she had a material point, if she wanted to kill me, she could have did that while I slept. I sighed. Alright First Elder, you clearly planned this all out. Nothing for me to do but play this out.

  I pulled myself to my feet, and realized that I hurt all over. The thought of a long ride on a motorcycle across a desert did not seem enticing. Wait. There are two of us, where was her bike?!?! I looked around, clearly confused. "Just shut up and get on the bike. I dont like it either. Which is why your driving so I can watch you the whole time. If you look at me wrong, shift your weight wrong, or steer so that a single grain of sand hits my helmet, I will fulfil my promise to you."

  This bitch was really pushing her luck, even with the gun. But there were far worse fates than having Chrysalis hugged up on me for a few hours. God knew that I hated that bitch, but she was bad, always has been.

  Clearly growing impatient, Chrysalis motioned me onto the bike with her gun. "Today man, today." I nodded again and just got on the bike. It started easily, and I turned toward Chrysalis. "Safety first nicca!" She laughed as she threw a helmet at my head. I arched my brow and looked at her. "What did I tell you about the looks?! Eyes on the road ahead! And step on it bitch!"

  Chrysalis knew my memory was long, and that I held grudges. But again, at this juncture, I didnt want to be out here in the desert any longer than I had to. So I revved the engine and headed to the right of the setting sun.

  We rode in silence for hours. And no, this wasnt one of those corny arse scenes in the movies where the guy and his old woman fight, and then end up making passionate love on some surreal landscape. That shit only happens in the movies. But I can say that I felt moved by seeing Chrysalis again. At first, I thought it was just sexual. For the first 20 minutes of the ride, she kept the 45 cal squarely in my back. About 90 minutes in, she holstered the gun. Somewhere around two hours in, she actually started to hold on, and it was when she put her arms around my waist, that it all came back to me.

  I sighed, and she immediately recoiled and pinched me hard. We never did communicate clearly with each other. Then about 30 minutes later, we hit a pothole that I missed in the dark. I reached back and grabbed Chrysalis by the arm. That was close, and even Chrysalis got a little spooked. When she finally relaxed enough to put her arms around me again, I could feel that her heart was still racing. And this time, I was smart enough to just shut up and enjoy the moment.

  We had shared a lot of stuff. And there was a bond between us. I just didnt know what it was for. We would never be lovers, again, anyway. But we clearly felt strongly about the other. Although the jumble of emotions was confusing at best, I could not deny that at one point in time, love was there. It was complicated, and I, for one, was glad to see the lights of a border checkpoint slowly grow on the horizon. We were almost there, and soon, this awkward river of emotions would cease. Note to self, do not touch Chrysalis in the future, as our psychic links were apparently not fully severed.

  "Hey, stop here, baby, I need to do something." I slowly pulled to the side of the road, and as the bike came to a stop turned around to see what Chrysalis was going to do -- just in time to see the butt of her 45 bounce off my temple. Chrysalis just shook her head. "Men. So easliy distracted." My vision blurred and I passed out.

  Yeah, yeah I know, I should have known something was wrong when she called me "baby". Blah, blah what kind of jedi are you? And yes, I, too, was getting tired of this shit. It wouldnt happen again, I thought, as I let darkness fully take me.

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