The Emotive Galleries

written by the Avatar on November.24.2010

  Unbeknowst to humanity,most denizens of the omniverse find verbal or spoken language cumbersome and ineffective at best, and prefer to use the "Emotive" as their primary means of communication. Essentially, within the Emotive, one expresses thoughts and emotions directly to the recipient, often times via telepathy, with a stream of images, smells, sensations and sounds. Moreover, an Emoter will generally convey such sensory input instantly and simultaneously. For humans, who tend to be weak in the mind, it is a steep and painful learning curve to grasp the Emotive; however, to acclimate you to this process, we created these video, music, and picture galleries as a crude attempt to slow down the Emotive process and permit you to grasp what a Champion experiences.

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