Because many of you will be unfamilar with many of the phenomenon that I take for granted, here you will find my attempt to explain many of the terms that my Master uses in THE OBSIDIAN CHRONICLES: the misanthropic hope.

The Creator

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The Master and Creator of All Things

Yet you know nothing about Him.

  I am hesitant to use any of the words by which most humans refer to "God". For they are all insufficient to encapsulate the Being of whom my master speaks when he says the "Creator". For all intensive purposes, next to nothing is known of the Creator, except that He created all things, places, beings, and times. Even the Fallen and the Host, who were, or are, in His presence seem to know or understand next to nothing about Him, other than He is.

The Omniverse

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All Places and All Times

Because you cannot see it does not mean it does not exist.

   The known universe, as inifinte as it may appear to us, is but one of an infinite number of universes formed by the Creator. Likewise, there are an infinte number of spaces and dimensions that exist between the universes. And outside these physical places, the spritiual realm contains an infinte number of places and times, including the infinite number of dreamscapes that exist within your very imagination. The omniverse includes all of these places and times.

The Never

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A Unique State of Existence.

Nowhere and Everywhere. Neither Present, Future, nor Past.

  The Never. This is a difficult concept to understand. If time were a piece of string, then the Never is that barely visible strand dangling from it. If you had a map of the omniverse, the Never is that place that should be right there on the map, but it is not.

The Darkness

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Negative Emotions

Such angst can kill you.

   The darkness is a burden, a curse that afflicts only the unfortunate few. The bearer lives a life of constant unease and unhappiness. Like something is missing, no, has been stolen, but you do not know what it is. Hopelessness, despair, and angst are its trademarks, and those without the darkness can sense it, and avoid it. And so the curse is amplified by subsequent isolation. The darkness is a terrible thing.

The Champion

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The Cursed Blessed.

The Champion is Living Proof of the Divine.

  A Champion is living proof of the Divine, of the Creator's majesty, be he good or evil. For the most part, such terms are meaningless for Champions, as each is what reality demands, no more, no less. A Champion seeks the Creator in all things. However, as with the Fallen, to "seek" is a matter of interpretation, and many get it wrong. But it is the focus on the Creator that makes a Champion a Champion.

Mandate of the Creator

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That Which Must Be.

The Will of the Creator.

  A Mandate of the Creator is a strange thing. On the one hand, it indicates the will of the Creator and cannot be defied. However, it is rumored that only those who can defy the Mandate of the Creator can see it. Some say, it is a warning, a message to all of the dire consequences of opposing this instant in space time.


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The Misanthropic Hope

Sometimes hope resides in the strangest of places.

  My master is a Champion, albeit a dark one, but a Champion still. His sole desire is to please his Creator, and return to that source of all life. But like so many others, he would not be allowed his heart's desire until he paid a hefty price, even though his heart's desire was the only goal of value. Such is the fate of many Champions.


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History Repeats Itself

The question is not whether a prayer is answered, but by whom.

   Prayers are often named for the most famous person to pray them, or sometimes, for the desired effect. Thus, Daniel's Prayer is a request for protection from danger. Jonah's Prayer is a request for patience. Ishaq's Prayer is one of self sacrifice, but is very different from the self sacrifice in Samson's Prayer. Lastly, please note that not all prayers are answered, and believe it or not, faith is NOT the determining factor.


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Leaders of the Just

Humanity's Last Hope Against Anarchy.

   Once the Sanhedrin numbered 71 of the most powerful beings on Earth. Contrary to popular belief, the Council actually existed long before the time of Moses, but at some point, the Council became dominated by his descendants. In modern times, there are not 71 strong, honest and just men or women in the world, and the Council's membership now hoovers around another sacred number, 13. Thus, the modern world teeters on the brink, with so few protectors of truth and justice left. No one knows why there are so few of the just left in the world, but this handful is charged with the awesome task of preserving the entire human race.


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The Ability to Affect

The Missing Link Between Worlds.

   Manifestation is the ability to affect the omniverse in both the "real" and "dream" world. Manifestation is a choice, but unlike some choices, it can not be subconciously made. Nor can it be desired. The ability to manifest simply is, for there must be no alternative. However, a Champion manifests based upon his nature. Some Champions refuse to manifest, prefering to let space-time be. Others cannot because they want to so badly. But remember this, among these things -- free will, destiny, faith, and hope -- manifestation is the greatest.

The Resonance

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Never Alone

A Collective Invocation of the Creator.

   When two or more Champions occupy adjacent points in space-time, their soul songs will sometimes overlap, with the song of one reinforcing the song of the another. During this period of sychronization, a Champion's power levels increase exponentially. While the Darkness is the ultimate expression of isolation, the Resonance is the supreme expression of solidarity. Both are sources of great power for the Champion who can control each state, and for the Champion who can reconcile the two states, well there is no limit to what such a being could accomplish.