My Love

  "Wake up!"

 Someone is yelling at me. Shit, I must be late to class. But the throbbing in my side reminded me that I was not in my bed in college. I am in a dream. Wait. The assassin. Dead. Pipe in wall. Fuck! My side hurt. "Get up!" someone shouted. Who is this yelling at me? Damn, maybe I should open my eyes, but I dont want to do that, because then this accursed dream would begin in earnest. "Idiot! I said wake up!" Okay, that is it, I am whupping someone's ass.

  But this ass is not well suited to kicking. Spanking, perhaps. But as I blink clarity into my eyes, I note that this ass belonged to someone that I have not seen in a long, long time. It is Chrysalis. I slowly pull my self up on my elbows, and glance up at Chrysalis. "Are you finally awake?" "Yeah", I mumble, "but I would appreciate it if you stopped yelling at me. What are you doing here?"

  "Shut up and stand up, the Zion has a message for you." And without warning, Chrysalis changes forms, and grabs my arm to unceremoniously hoist me to my feet. Of course, in the process, she plunges those dagger like fingers of hers into my flesh. "Fuck! Bitch what the hell is wrong with you?" I scream. Chrysalis, never one for words, responds with a roundhouse from her spiked boot. It connects flush in the middle of my chest, and I fly across the floor. A sandy floor. For the first time, I look around and realize that we are not in a room at all, we are on some sort of plain. A desert plain. No time for scenery though, because Chrysalis is pressing me. She is smaller than I would have expected, or perhaps, I am just larger, as Antares always predicted. But christ Chrysalis is still fast, I mean real fast. And those blades of hers cut as well as I recalled. She lashes out at me, blades mere flashes that I can barely follow. I retreat, but from my current position, I can not effectively block or counter. She is too fast and her reach, too long.

  Still groggy, I call to Wrath and Justice. It has been sometime, but hopefully I can still wield them. Sand swirls around me, and Chrysalis's blades clang against a sphere of crystalline shards suddenly surrounding me. Okay. I got this bitch now. Time to figure out what the hell is going on. "Hey Chrysalis, calm down, what are you doing?" She does not even slow down, in fact, she focuses her chi. Shit. Here we go. Chrysalis somersaults a few feet away from me, and clanks her forearm blades together to get a tone, and then she whispers, "Death Shriek". I had forgotten how beautiful her lips were when she whispered. "Shield of the Void", I reply, as Wrath and Justice swirl about me with such force as to push all matter away from me in a concentric circles. Now I gotta hold my breath, and prepare to rush Chrysalis. I had to close the distance before she became angrier and raised our battle intensity again. However, the ground in front of me abruptly explodes into a obscuring cloud of dust and debris. Fuck, Chrysalis is on the move, if she goes hypersonic ... Houston, we have a problem.

  "Chrysalis. Enough." Chrysalis freezes in place. And just through the haze of debris cloud, I can just make out someone walking toward us. I laugh, there is only one person who could speak to Chrysalis like that and not have their throat slit, the Zion. This just got real interesting.

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