My Love II

  "Well, Well. Long time no see Magnus! How are you buddy? Miss me? Or rather, us?"

 "Us? Still got jokes, huh Kip?" Chrysalis visibly bristles with anger. "Impudent dog! Do you know to whom you speak?" That is real venom in her voice. I better play nice. "Yeah, yeah. I know, he is the mighty Zion, Living Descendant of the Great Moses. So what else is new?" I shrug my shoulders and stare back at both of them. The Zion smiles, "It seems that I need to teach this boy a lesson in respect." Hmm. Kip is looking for a fight. Odd. "Boy?!?! Very funny Kip."

  Without warning or further pretense, Kip attacks, but in full battle form, with no transition from his normal astral projection. The Zion has clearly learned a trick or two.

  "Light of the Creator," chants the Zion, and a blinding flash of light erupts from his armor. I lift my arms up to shield my eyes, and that act almost costs me my head, as Chrysalis, unbeknowst to me, had also entered her full battle form, and bore down on me to cleanly sever my head with her two giant scimitars. Motherfuckers. A coordinated attack, and one with clear, unmistakable intent. They are not playing with me, and this is no sparring match. The Zion and Chrysalis had come to deliver a message to me, and it was go to hell.

  Astonishing. Utterly astonishing. She can't be serious, but as her blades criss cross under my chin, and cold metal digs into my flesh, I slowly accept what is truth. We are no longer friends. We are no longer lovers. Once again, I am reminded that all I know and love are taken from me. Yet, I keep hesitating, thinking that surely Chrysalis will pull back, that her blades will turn at the last moment, and just give me a little love knick to admonish me of the importance of constant vigilance. But no, instead, she pushes her speed to the limit at the last moment, and if I am not mistaken, she just broke the light speed barrier. Incredible. I love this woman. I still love this woman, who is no longer mine. I glance over at Kip, and I see anticipation in his eyes. Hope. He can taste my death. He wants it, like nothing he has ever wanted before, except maybe Chrysalis. I had hoped that we, no, that I was past this, that time would have changed things, but as always, it appears that I am wrong. So be it. Amateur night at the Apollo is OVER.

  Years of sparring with the High Demon Lord, and living in the real world had taught me things that no one from **their** world could have taught the Zion and Chrysalis. I understood power -- merciless, unadultered, and unfettered might. I had felt its absense from me all my life. And I had watched the weak suffer from it all my life. No loving, nurturing father or sensei had taught me life's lessons. I learned by the law of nature. And I have paid dearly for every painful pedagogical moment. And now, what distinguishes me from my ersatz friends is that I can now wield my fury completely and without reservation, although, it was not always this way. Indeed, wrong me, so as to give me the moral high ground, and you will learn why I am Magnus, First of My Kind to Return. I have no rival. I have no equal. Yet, I am nothing. And more importantly, I want none of this. But without this context, I have been somewhat lackluster -- but we shall discuss this later.

  I effortlessly reach up with my left hand, and grab Chrysalis firmly by the neck. Through her armor, I could see the disbelief and bewilderment on her face. Stupid bitch. I squeeze, and shatter her armor like an eggshell. Rage courses through me, I will fuck Chrysalis's cold corpse, for old time's sake, of course. And to that end, I turn and hurl her back at her precious Zion. "Hey Kip, I believe this cunt belongs to you." Kip is clearly frozen, undoubtedly with fear -- hadn't seen this before at Goldman Sachs, eh buddy?! Chrysalis's body catches him square, and the two crumple into a pile on the ground. "You should have heeded your grandfather's words. He told you my weakness, yet, you stan before me in treachery?!?! Fools." Enough talk, let's wrap this up, and forever ... the air becomes heavy, and the sky darkens, as light itself falls from the sky. I focus further until but a single circle of light clings to the sky. And then, I stretch out my hand, and utter softly,"Temporal Dis-"

  And then, she is just there, with her arms around my neck, planting a kiss on my cheek. "My goodness Champion, you look nothing like the little boy I met all those years ago! How are you?" In an instant, my anger, rage and desire to murder the Zion and Chrysalis fade before the affection of Joshua, Captain of the First Elder's Guard, Rock of the 11th Tribe, Bearer of the Standard, Seeker of the Hidden, and Marcher of Faith. Perhaps love does conquer all. I let myself fall into her embrace and feel a warmth that I have not felt in a long time, not since **she** died. In fact, I almost, almost, smile. "Captain, please, please forgive me, I did not know you were here, or I would not have ..." My voice trails off as I glance akwardly at the Zion and Chrysalis. "Bah. Do not concern yourself, you were needlessly provoked. The Zion and Chrysalis had clear orders, yet, as always, the Zion put his own agenda ahead of all others." "Still Captain, I lost control." Shrugging her shoulders, the Captain laughs,"Well, my child, you have been alone for a long time - such fits are, understandable. In any event, to the message I must relay. I wish that our reunion was under more auspicious circumstances, but I bring grave news, the First Elder is ill and would like to see you in the real world."

 Fuck! I then recognize the dreamscape, and I do not hesitate for an instant. I shatter the dream and return to my body. I had only been gone a few hours, but it would have to do. I grab my things and stumble across the room towards the staircase. If I hurry, I can probably get a red eye to Tel Aviv, and be at the base of Masada in less than a day.

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