Science and Faith Evolved

  Ignoring the excruciating pain in my abdomen, I fully extended my arms to unsheath my soul blade, and realized that there was nothing but air between my fists. My soul blade had not appeared. Or, more aptly, it was not where it should be. I looked around, hoping to understand what had happened. Instead of understanding, I found a sharp pain in my chest. At first, I thought it was the wound from the jo, or maybe the fact that my diaphram was in two parts. But no, this pain was pointed. Sharper. I convulsed in agony, as my body shook violently. Already on my knees, I fell backwards and screamed. And more than sound escaped from me. My soul blade pierced my chest and flew into the sky. I screamed again as a burst of energy also erupted from my chest. The concussion wave from the energy release was sufficient to blow the Zion back 500 yards, and break a few of my ribs. The Zion did not move from where he lay on the ground. Stunned, he stared at me in apparent disbelief.

  Meanwhile, my soul blade floated down from the sky and hovered before me. It was different. The blood haze had probably infected it; the blade was no longer curved, and instead of a silvery swirl of black and white, my blade glowed a moonless black, with a double hilt. All in all, it was kinda like an unusually long katana, with a double hilt. I reached out and grabbed the blade, holding it in my hands.

  The blade vibrated in my hands. It, like me, was not totally under the sway of the blood haze. I mused to myself - this just might work.

  I focused my attention back on the Zion, and manufacturing the intent to "kill" him, I called Wrath and Justice back to me. And they came. I stared at the fruits of Ezekiel's Prayer, as well as, my own foul creations - the two engaged in a grisly battle of the undead. Enough. I glared at the Zion, and the fragments of Wrath and Justice began to circle violently around me. The cloud of crystal fragments grew and slowly formed a sphere just over my head. I reached up, but quickly lowered my arms as I spewed blood. I did not have much time left.

  Then, the cloud of shards began to pulse, emitting a strange, bluish light. The dreamscape became warmer as the cloud ceased to expand, and actually began to contract. Pulsating faster as it dimished in size. Almost. Almost. Meanwhile the Zion finally gathered his wits about him and firmly grasped his wooden jo, taking a defensive posture. Good, he was too scared to move. That fear just might save his life.

  I shifted my attention back to Wrath and Justice, abruptly pouring more chi into the attack. Then I invoked the emotions, the dark emotions that inhabited so much of my being, and I poured those into the cloud of shards as well -- slowly turning the shrinking sphere from bluish white to red. It was time. Then, with the last of my strength, I hurled my soul blade through the cloud. "Nova", I whispered, and the ball of energy immediately ceased pulsating and exploded. Limitless energy released in all directions.

  I hoped that worked, I thought, as I lost consiousness.

  I do not know how long I lay there, but when I finally came to, they, stood around me. Too weak to even move, I just listened. "We should kill him while we can," hissed one voice. Another, deeper voice answered, "but he did spare the young Zion, even in the midst of the blood haze. He defeated his own weapons and armor using an improvised attack that he knew the Zion would survive." Silence, and then, an old and familar voice, "I have known this one for a long time. The Black King was wise to chose this one, if only by providence. He just may walk the right path. We must wait and see. Zion, take him back, I believe he has somewhere to be."

  My next thought was that my chest is killing me. I opened my eyes and saw the springs of my roommate's bunk above me. Home? I did not expect that, but I knew that last voice. I had heard it before, but where? I did not get a chance to ponder the issue for very long, as there was suddenly a pounding at the door. I winced as I slowly rolled out of bed. Staggering, I managed to get to the door and just threw it open. And standing there, bright eyed and bushy tailed, was Kip. "Dude, we are going to be late for the physics final! What the fuck are you doing?" "Sorry dude, let me grab my stuff," was all I could manage. I was glad Kip came when he did, or I would have slept right through my final exam.

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