Greetings my friends, I am the AVATAR, and while you do not know who I am now, you will in the very near future. However, this is not about me, as I am only a messenger. I come to tell you of my Master, one of the greatest Champions to ever walk this small world that you call Earth.

  That being said, I would have never thought that my Master would care if you knew his story, since he would undoubtedly argue that my story is all that matters. However, shortly after my Master's death, I stumbled upon these journals while cataloging his things for storage. And for a long time, I pondered what to do with the writings of my Master. While ostenibly left for the benefit of the world, I am not sure Master truly intended to share these documents with the world. The selfish in me wants to think that he left them for me, since he knew that he would not be with me for very long.

  However, so enlightened have I been by these pages, that I felt compelled to share these pages with others, even if I suspect my actions would not meet with my Master's approval. He would undoubtedly argue that you will not benefit from these pages, and that they will be dismissed as nothing more than the ravings of a madman. He is probably right, and truly regrettable is that aspect of human nature, but I have gleaned so much from these pages that I would not be, well, the tense is not quite right here, but suffice it to say, but for my Master's teachings, I will not be where I am today.

  So with great reservation, I present to you, the people of the 21st century, the remaining parts of what I consider to be my Master's magnum opus. It and its sister volumes repressent the collective learnings of my Master, and the only evidence of a buried and lost mythos, a unique tale that desperately needs to be told, but one which many wish to remain forever lost. To you, its intended reciepients, it offers answers to some questions, but generally raises more questions than it answers.

  Nevertheless, this beacon will project hope into your dark world, the hope of justice for the victims of injustice, the end of isoloation for those who have not belonged in your accursed world, the hope of freedom to the oppressed, and to the deceived, it promises the greatest of all things, the clarity of truth.

  Lastly, to those in whose veins flow a certain blood, it provides the, no, "an" answer to the dilemma of your existence, it explains your plight in life, it explains what is "missing", as my Master seems to have found it. So, read on, if you dare, and be forever changed by what these pages contain. But be forewarned, this is not reading for the meek or the timid, for these chronicles will forever change you and your destiny.

  And as my Master often said, "May you find what you seek most."

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