The Miscalculation

  The Obsidian King had exhausted his luck. The arrival of the Fallen had almost collapsed his fragile tear in the Never, and in all candor, the old king had also lost control of the spell and its mechanics, causing the tear to move. The Obsidian King no longer knew where or when the tear led. And with the little one that he had sent for already on the stairs to the platform with Karak in hot pursuit, there was no time to recalibrate. The old king’s heart dropped, and he sighed heavily, not only could he not send his best, but he could not even provide the boy with the tools to accomplish his mission. Sensing the source of the spell, the Falled "moved" toward the altar, and the temple shook violently. The king relaxed and released the Obsidian Blade. The blade flew from his back and hung in the air, glittering like a quarter moon in autumn. The king always marvelled at the beauty of the Obsidian Blade, no matter how many times he saw it. Smiling ever so slightly, he uttered "Barrier"-- the Obsidian Blade radiated a pulse of light into the sky, and an invisible wall of energy encompassed the altar; it would not stop Karak, but hopefully, it would hold long enough.

  With no time or alternatives left, the king resolved to accept his only remaining choice - to hurl the little one into the Never and hope that the Creator would smile on them at least this once. Mocking his own foolishness, the king snorted; the Creator had not acknowledged them, let alone smiled at them, in many millennia. Indeed, if He cared at all, the king and his men would not even be in this horrific place, unable to be what they were meant to be. To be purposeless was one thing, but to know purpose and have it be forever thwarted, this was the worst of all fates. Shaking his head again, the king regained his composure - such despair the king knew originated from the accursed Fallen who had appeared, but even knowing that, such “effects” were still almost beyond self control, one simply had to work around them. But others were not so lucky, as the battlefield had essentially come to a grinding halt, as most beings, demon and Champion alike, found thought and action difficult in the presence of a Fallen.

  Nevertheless, from the platform below, I screamed “My liege!! Nemesis sent me here, but I cannot move. I have never felt anything like this – what, what is he?” The King slowly turned toward me, clearly shocked that I was still conscious despite the fact that a Fallen had appeared. Briefly ignoring me, the King realized again that he was out of time, as the Fallen had focused on the King at the Altar and was already hissing the words to some forbidden incantation of unknown effect.

  Not wanting to wait and see what the Fallen chose to do, the old king released his hold on the tear, and in a single motion grasped the Obsidian Blade with one hand and threw me off the platform into the flowing wake of the Never with the other. The event horizon did the rest. The King barely had time to nod good bye before the Fallen’s wrath slowly focused upon him, and his own screams drowned out my screams as I flew into only the Creator knows what, where or when. With his last focused thought, the Obsidian King told me, “I am sorry little one, but you must free us.”

  Still reeling from the arrival of the malevolent Fallen and the force of the Obsidian Blade being unsheathed, I had no idea what was going on as I drifted at light speed into the Never. But as I neared the epicenter of the tear on the event horizon, I realized what the King had done, or rather, what he had dared to do. Surely, he had not done this thing, but as clear as the tear itself in the event horizon was my destination, a non-null end point, an occupied end point.

  As I took corporeal form, my spiritual memories fell away to my physical form, and I forgot all that I am, except for a cryptic directive from my forgotten King, to search for something, a longing, a feeling of not belonging, a need to find those like me. My blood stained soul entered this world with a single unyielding desire to -- “FREE US.”

  I, and not Tina, was born on February 8, 1974 at 3:12 PM.

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